5 Venue Marketing Ideas to get more Functions at your venue!

Venue marketing is competitive, whether you’re looking to attract more:

  • couples searching for a space to hold their wedding reception
  • 21st. Birthdays and all birthdays
  • targeting family functions
  • Corporate clients
  • Hen parties
  • There are so many people searching for a vneu

Increasing the number of enquiries you get doesn’t have to be so complicated, it’s all about making your venue accessible. If you’re searching for ways to make your venue the go to place for a range of functions, we’ve got the five essential tips that you should be implementing in your venue marketing strategy right now.

5 Venue Marketing Tips to Get More Functions

The core to increasing interest in your venue and getting more functions is understanding how people search for things... In today’s busy world, digital dominates. There was a time when local directories, leaflets, and word of mouth were the key to booking more functions but that’s drastically changed

  1. Be accessible to people on the go

You’ve no doubt already have a web presence. But did you know that mobile traffic has overtaken access via desktops? It’s no longer enough to have a simple website, you need to be accessible to your potential customers wherever they are, from when they’re sitting at home to when they’re commuting to work.

That means that responsive websites are imperative. Your website needs to be available on any device and a responsive website will adapt to any screen size, ensuring that users get a great experience whether they’re on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

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  1. Make online bookings effortless

Customer don’t just want to be able to find you online, they want to be able to make a booking when it suits them. Incorporating a method of communication that makes the process effortless and digital, is just one way to increase sales. With the right features built in, your customers can make a booking with minimal hassle. They need to be able to communicate with you, without having to pick up a phone.


These include:

  • Enquiry Forms
  • Detailed Function Booking Forms
  • Live Chat & Chat bots
  • Request an appointment
  • Email
  • Phone

Of course, you need to also recognise that some customers will want more information or to speak to you before they hand over their cash. As part of your online bookings process, you need to make it easy for leads to contact you too. This means clearly listing your number, and placeing calls to action throughout your website.



  1. Make sure you’re easy to find & promote your business

You could have a fantastic venue and website to go with it but if potential customers can’t find you, your enquires aren’t going to increase. There are several steps you can take to improve your traffic and give you an opportunity to convert leads into sales.

Firstly, make sure you’ve considered SEO in both your website design and content – pushing you up those all-important search engine rankings. Next, you want to consider incorporating a dedicated landing page for functions – this is where your leads will arrive to your website, giving you an opportunity to really sell your offer. Finally, get social, and share updates, interesting links, photographs, and more through your social media platforms to build up a following. 

Lastly, advertise your venue online - target an audience who usually rents out your space, and invest money in digital advertising. You can get creative with your targeting and advertising here. It's best to test a number of different options instead of spending a lot of time and money on one idea. What we mean by this is, try a few different images, headlines and pieces of text and interchange them with different audiences to see which one peforms best. Facebook as a great 'Lead Ad'  feature at the moment, otherwise make sure to drive the traffic to a landing page, or chat bot

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  1. Show off your venue and make it interactive

Embrace the latest technology and really show off your function space to get leads to make a booking. Of course, good imagery is still vital for giving potential customers a look at your venue and enticing them but for forward thinking venues really looking to grow their business it goes further than that.

Nightclub web design Interactive Floor PlanInteractive Floor Plan for Function Bookings at the Emerson

Interactive maps can help to give those interested a better idea of what can be achieved and how it can suit their needs. A 3D interactive tour is great to give users a glimpse inside. And a downloadable functions pack ensures they have all the information they need in a handy format. Using the right technology to show off your venue at its best can drive up bookings.

  1. Follow up leads

Don’t forget to follow up those that have shown an interest in your offering. The digital age means you can gather email addresses and send out carefully crafted autoresponders and marketing content, helping you to secure more business.


Most people are busy, some are just unorganised, and if they do stop responding or take their time, it's often because they have something else that's taking the priority. Setting up automated follow up sequences can help secure some looser bookings that need a bit of encouragement

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