Google Ads vs Facebook Ads: Which Is the Best for Your Business?


Facebook Ads and Google Ads – (also known as AdWords) – are the gorillas when it comes to PPC advertising. Each of the two can be a significant driver of new business, and a lot of companies use both platforms to ensure a greater reach for their marketing effort. But considering budgets and time are limited, which one should you start with and what could provide a better return on investment? We'll help outline the difference so you can make an informed decision - if you need help - you can get in touch here.

Quick Overview

Before you get to the features and strengths of Facebook Ads and Google Ads, it is essential that you understand the key difference between the two. Google Ads is the most popular platform for PPC advertising, and it has been widely to become synonymous with the phrase 'paid search'. It targets keywords that are entered in search queries while using text-based advertisements, and the advertiser pays a certain amount of money for every click on the ad by a user.

Facebook, on the other hand, can be best described as 'paid social'. The social network has the most MAUs (monthly active users) of any social platform in the world. That is why it has grown to be a highly competitive element and one of the digital advertising strategies with highly lucrative potential. Unlike paid search, paid social assists users to locate companies based on their online behaviour and interests.

Intent Based Advertising - Google Search Ads

Google main search ads on the other hand present ads to users searching for answers and solutions, they are actively looking for something, and the ads are presented based on their search criteria. This means that this is a better option if you are looking to achieve direct sales. You can use display advertising to target based on a range of criteria, and if you can have any questions, you can get in touch here.


Passive Advertising - Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are passive. This means that viewers are not actively searching for a specific brand or product, but are targeted based on their demographic information and interests. The reason for this is that those browsing on Facebook typically are looking to escape boredom and pass the time or connect with people as opposed to actively looking for a solution to a problem.


So.. now what?

For companies whose solutions are not well known, you can make your content reach more people by appearing similar to the images and videos already in the News Feed of your target demographic. This allows you to communicate the value proposition of your business, taking control of their education of your company and the services. As the user is not actively looking to buy something while scrolling facebook, you can nudge potential customers along the buyer's journey using valuable and interested content, and guide them towards your business.


For Google Search Ads, you have the opportunity to position your business right at the top of the search results for your chosen keyword or phrases. If you know your customers are actively looking online to solve a problem that you offer a solution to, this is a great opportunity to get out in front of engaged opportunities.



You can pay a remarkably affordable CPC of $1.72 for Facebook compared to the $2.69 that you will pay for Google Ads.

average cost of ads on facebook 2019

In social media marketing, your cost per click depends on many factors—including what industry you’re in. Source: Wordstream



Both advertising platforms pitch themselves as reliable, affordable, and simple. However, the different targeting options and features make them ideal for different strategies which work together very well. From the features and functionality, Facebook can be ideal if you intend to target broad audiences who may be interested in your service or product.


Google AdWords, on the other hand, should be your ideal choice if you are targeting individuals that are searching for your product or service directly. This makes it the ideal choice for local businesses such as legal services, dentists, plumbing, and much more.


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