Tyson Fury’s comeback story is a lesson in overcoming mental health challenges

Former boxing world champion Tyson Fury fights Deontay Wilder December 1st 2018, Saturday night (PT) for the WBC heavyweight title. Here’s his comeback story on how he fought depression, drug and alcohol addiction, and the lessons we can learn from it. We have all at some point fantasised about what our life would look like if we achieved something significant and memorable. Whether it’s in our personal or professional life, we have most likely pondered how we would deal with the fame, glory and trappings that come with it.

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SaaS Recipes: How to identify your hottest leads with laser precision

Marketing automation can provide a company with some great benefits, including better customer segmentation, lead nurturing, personalisation and improved revenues. However, using an effective marketing automation and inbound strategy can sometimes be too successful in generating leads – leaving you swamped with leads of varying degrees of quality.


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The Three C's of Selling Value

Sales professionals that work in selling financial services often make the common mistake of thinking that the lowest price will always lead to maximum conversion. However, the best sellers focus on value rather than price.

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2x your close rate: 7 sales skills every professional needs to know


It's important that we all know how to sell our business and our products. But that's always been easier said than done. So here's a rundown of what helps salespeople double their sales. The following seven sales skills are all used by experienced salespeople on a daily basis.


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How to close more professional services leads with the 3 sale sale

Selling professional services is a complex task, and you can easily put a prospect off. Just by not knowing what stage of the sale they are in, you can shoot yourself in the foot. Do you when pitching your solution is the wrong thing to do? Learn what the hell we’re talking about, why you should know this, and how you can use this strategy to close more prospective clients

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How to close more professional services leads


This blog is the start of a series, focused on helping you to convert more leads to customers. In it, we'll focus on the many aspects involved in the sales lifecycle. We'll even breakdown the sales lifecycle! There is quite a lot in this blog, and if you need any of it explained, book some time to speak with an expert about it for free.

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